Good “traits” of South Africans

I’m certain my readers will agree with me – that being negative, pessimistic and whingeing are traits South Africans do not portray. Spending most of my time abroad I possibly have become accustomed to things working and processes running smoothly. It will be unfair to judge a country such as South Africa that has gone through, and still going through tremendous development, in comparison to other developed countries. So I’m intending on being positive with this blog.
Let me share some of the advancements of South Africa which I have not yet seen in the United Kingdom. As I’m the person sharing, sadly you would need to see through my experiences and my “lenses”. Living literally half my life abroad I would like to share some of my insight… (remember it’s only my perception).

Well, for starters – today I walked into a Nedbank branch (Campus Square, Melville). I showed them my Identity Card and they asked me to place my thumb on a device which confirms who I am. Now that’s technology! I didn’t have that sophistication in the UK. I signed a document and the lady said, “Mr Naicker please sign properly just like the one I have on file.” So I did, and hey presto!

She then had to listen to me complaining about her lousy, lazy manager who hid in her office when their systems were down. Instead of being honest with the clients, whom all waiting patiently in queue, she made up some excuses for not being able to do certain functions (don’t worry, I’m not being negative). You see, the people waiting in queue, some were labourers in uniform and others elderly mamas. They were using their lunch breaks to get their errands done. Yet with all the sophistication of Nedbank at Campus Square, Melville, the people stood persevering hoping that the system will work again. They were patient and courteous as the line grew longer and longer with only one teller able to serve from 10:30am -13:45pm whilst the other staff “looked” busy.

Now that is admirable! In the UK someone would have called Ms Lucy (if that is actually her real name) out of hiding to explain to her clients what is going on. The people of South Africa are positive about life in general and everything that is in it – they don’t like to make a fuss. As these poor souls stood in line as their lunch time fast passing by, the staff yet showed no empathy… the positive trait here is that South Africans don’t look for sympathy.

The glass counter is quite thick and possibly for good reasons too! As if this was the UK, leave alone the riff-raffs, an elderly pensioner will possibly swing their cane or Zimmer frame on the incompetent staff led by an incompetent branch manager.

But hey, this is not the UK, for in the land of the Rainbow nation we have all manners of colours and it may not be your favourite but hey-ho, who cares.