Service Delivery Protest -locals set town ablaze.

As the country pauses to remember the landmark election in 1994 yet another reminder remains that many lives are yet to change.

Schools, foreign-owned tuck shops, a clinic and a shopping mall have been forced to close in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg,  due to a service delivery protest. Residents of the township blocked the Golden Highway with burning tyres and rocks on Monday morning, demanding that their ward councillor step down.

Protesters accuse ward 4 councillor Simon Motha of failing to deliver houses, tarred roads and water.

In addition to those grievances, Gogo Hilda Ngubane had pinned much hope on the vote that brought her freedom.

Her material conditions have not improved much in over two decades.

“Let them celebrate there on TV those who attained freedom let them celebrate. We who have not benefited from freedom will sit here,” says Ngubane.

Neither Gogo Hilda nor the Orange Farm community are willing to abandon the fight.

On the eve of freedom day residents say there is little to celebrate.

They have vowed to continue their protest action as the country marks 22 years of democracy.