What’s happening to our world?

I spy
with my political eye
presidential candidates
who would not dare even try
to represent the entire pie
unless there was enough payola to buy
their allegiance and influence on our side.
Yet, we continue to tolerate their promises and lies?
Do we allow them to deepen our country’s divides?
The planet watches and waits, and laughs at these guys!
All jokes aside, have we lost our minds?

Is our world going crazy? Going through my Facebook wall last night gave me a glimpse beyond my suburban predictable life.

In the USA, I watched an African American teenager slap a middle-aged lady so hard that she passed-out.

In India, I watched how a community stood by as they watch a man stretched out while he was being beaten with sticks.

In Africa, a lady was stripped naked for cheating on her husband and forced to walk through the crowded market place for all to see her humiliated.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman received the primitive punishment of flogging with her skin ruptured open.

I won’t get started with the atrocities of the Middle East and the ever increasing feud of the Palestinians and the Jews.

Just so much of violence, so much of anger and yet more celebrity political candidates arrive on the scene with promises of a brighter future and a cozier life for us in the West.

Hero’s seem to rarely come these days, the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi or mother Teresa are all in short supply.

What we do have are the Donald Trumps, the Prime Minister with weird fancies and the people hungrier for more entertainment.

Our social life is based upon sharing pictures, videos and stories but sadly not our privacy. In an age where nothing is private we have a private person publicly advertised, surrounded by noises yet hidden from the crowd.ff

There are apps which are trying to make people come out of their shell with the likes of apps which record your sexual activity or upload links to hopefully go viral for sharing your secrets to the world yet hide them from your family…

So this begs the question… has our world gone crazy and have I joined the madness? How would I know? As I too am waiting for you to like this article? What have we become?

Poem by http://allpoetry.com/poem/12237867-Have-We-Lost-Our-Minds–by-Leo-Thomas