Massive fuel hike on the way this month

Although vehicle owners will have to cope with the enormous increase, the department said that there is no need for panic. According to the department it could have been worse had the Rand not strengthened against the US Dollar during the period under review. Had this not happened the priced could have increased by a further 10 c/l.

The Department of Energy on Saturday announced the fuel price adjustments for April. The department announced that petrol 95 will increase by 88c a litre and 93 will increase by 86c a litreDiesel will increase by 96c/litre and diesel will increase by 98c/litreLiquefied Petroleum Gas will increase by 110c per kilogramThe department said that the reason for the increase include the increase in fuel levies as determined by the Minister of Finance of 30c/l.

Also factoring into the increase is the increased transportation costs of 5.2 c/l  in gauging resulting from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa approved pipeline tariff increase as well the road transportation tariff increase obtained from the Road Freight Association.

Although vehicle owners will have to cope with the enormous increasethe department said that there is no need for panic.



source: 3/04/16(2)