Amnesty for Incompetent Ministers

“In the country of a stupid nation, the nation works for the politician’s pocket. In the country of a wise nation, the politician works for the pocket of the nation!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Does it not appear that the Fathers of our Freedom must have been a lot smarter than the current remnant? Think about it, they were self-sacrificing, they did’t count their lives of value for the cause, and most especially they managed to look into hope when there was no hope to be gleaned. They somewhat dreamed the day we so take for granted.

Many of the leaders we see today embarrass our country, in no sense are they the people you would trust your children with yet alone emulate. They have redefined democracy to that of a tribal kingdom and are brazen enough to openly bribe voters with gifts.

Whilst many have now done pretty well for themselves and their extended families. Alas, many have also been neglected for poverty and joblessness increase, yet ministers get pay increases. There should be an amnesty to make provision for allowing those incompetent occupying positions of power to give up to those who can really do the job.

It is evident that there is a brain-drain in our country, for people are running away, not just the Whites who are leaving but now also the Blacks, to whose dreams also were to have a country we could be proud.

Instead, our leaders during a parliamentary session would serve as case and point to the numerous episodes of the uncivil behaviour. They are so oblivious to the mockery and scorn other nations view us. The childish behaviour of name calling and the reckless use of powers for self-promotion and gain.