Johannesburg – The City of Two Standards

This just shows you that where you live also determines the services you receive; such is life, or is it?!

Johannesburg, City Offices. I waited to be served at the Johannesburg City Offices, I headed out to attempt to be early in line to resolve my dispute and then leave. I comfortably drove to the offices and parked within close proximity to the building. On getting to know those around me in the queue, I learnt that some walked, some had taken taxis and some brought their children along. Rich, intellectual or poor we all had one thing in common, that was sitting in line as we progressed to the front.

On my previous occasion I was offered to jump the queue in exchange for some money. Well, being the South African I am, I refused categorically and explained that some old ladies were also waiting and that it will not be fair.

However, I’m not kidding but after waiting one and a half hour and it was my turn to be seen… the load shedding happened! Yes, the power was out! (Second thought about that bribe reappeared). Under these conditions the staff, as usual, leave their desks and begin chatting at the furthest corner of the room. Ten minutes later – takeaway orders are being delivered. Had it not been for the kind manager to inform us, however there was nothing he could do.

I found this odd, surely those we needed advice such as myself could still be assisted without a computer for general queries. I found most to be so over worked and tired. Many with short attention span unable to say or do more than what is on the screen of their computer.

Well, back to my experience as I waited to be served, the person dealing with my enquiry had no idea of how to resolve the matter, on calling her supervisor – she too gave me some story which simply made no sense.

That was downtown Johannesburg, majority of the people can be seen as working class and the queues are long and the staff are unhelpful.

After wasting my time there with coming away with both no advice and contradicting information, I then headed for Sandton City.

Sandton City. The offices are situated conveniently accessible by car without parking cost. The interior of the building is brightly furnished and modern. The chairs are all intact and it took twenty minutes to be seen and their adviser immediately picked up on the problem and rectified it within another twenty minutes.

This just shows you that where you live also determines the services you receive; such is life, or is it?!