About Us

We unite people in the common cause of defending human rights and promoting democracy. Our mission is to ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted. We believe that all human beings, regardless of race, colour, religion or belief, faith or no faith, gender, or membership of another particular social group, should be treated as equals. We aim to speak-out to protect basic rights and freedom through the courts, in Parliament and by spreading the awareness of injustice in the wider community.

Our societies are plagued by numerous problems, most importantly unemployment, indebtedness, dwindling income and resources and deteriorating environmental conditions.

This has brought about the impairment of the vision for, and loss of faith in, a better society. Contrary to making vague promises about everything in contradictory ways, we posit that aligning our economic and political systems with ecological needs is the structural catalyst for the improvement of our societies.

We would like to see changes in the following areas:

  • EDUCATION – We need to break beyond dividing lines and poor education standards. What we need is universal access to improved and fair education services.
  • ECONOMY  – We need to create more sustainable employment places, boost growth and build a dynamic and resilient economy.
  • EMPOWERMENT – We need to enable people to run decent and aspiring livelihoods.
  • ENFORCEMENT – We need to respect the rule of law. Those who are responsible in enforcing the law need to be law-abiding themselves. We need to restore the confidence of the public and that zero tolerance is given to officials who break the law.

 Our Servant Leaders

Brendon NaickerPresident & Founder
Adrian BothaDeputy President
Yanshan ChenSecretary-General
Roy BothaNational Chairperson
Robert KamangaNational Administrator
Bernard, MmulaneNational Treasurer
Munyaradzi TairowodzaNational Organiser
Sibongile MpalaPresident of IVOTESA Women
Khumbelo TshilumePresident of IVOTESA Youths
TBC President of IVOTESA Students
Research TeamKerrie, Shawn
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