A time for us to remember – Lest we forget

Among the first to be killed was 13-year old Hector Pieterson. The photograph of a local boy carrying his body, with Pieterson’s sister at his side, sparked international outrage when it was printed in newspapers around the world the following day.

South Africans are celebrating four decades since the 1976 Soweto uprising.

An estimated 176 school children were shot and killed by the apartheid regime for marching against the enforcement of Afrikaans in schools.

High school students started to encourage each other to take part in a protest march against the apartheid governments decision to force schools to teach all subjects in Afrikaans.

Many Soweto residents today still salute the youth of 1976 for their contribution to todays South Africa.

There are no longer separate spaces for white and black people, said Oupa Moloto, one of the students who marched in the uprising, who is now a coordinator of the June 1976 Foundation Project in Soweto.

He says South Africa and Soweto in particular are better places today because of the sacrifice made by the youth of 1976.