“ANC is the only political party that has the best interests of workers”

“We must not allow opportunists to take us back to the period of anarchy and destruction. We must also isolate and shun parties that promote disunity and divisions within our country,”noted Zuma.

The ANC is the only political party that has the best interests of workers at heart, Zuma said at a rally marking the International Workers Day in Mamelodi, Pretoria.

President Zuma warned against anarchy in South Africa, saying some political opportunists were trying to promote anarchy and thuggery in the country.

“Some desperate elements seem hell-bent to promote anarchy and chaos,”Zuma said. South Africa has worked hard to achieve peace after apartheid, the president said.

The ANC has been the ruling party of post-apartheid South Africa on the national level since 1994. Zuma lauded the ANC as the only political organization in the country that can produce policies and a legal environment that addresses the plight of the workers.

He urged South Africans to isolate political parties that advocate the use of violence in a free and democratic South Africa.

The elections come as the ANC-led government is haunted by a series of challenges, notably the Nkandla scandal, in which Zuma was accused of abusing public funding to revamp his private home, and the state capture by the Indian Gupta family which allegedly has influenced Zuma’s appointment of cabinet ministers.