South Africans will have regrets if Winnie Mandela dies…

Mama, even if our people don’t acknowledge you, I do and say that my prayers are for your speedy recovery!

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has allegedly spent a few weeks in hospital to be treated for a diabetic condition and yet the media fails to provide the attention they had made provision to her late husband, Nelson Mandela.

I believe that without a Winnie there would never have been a Nelson Mandela as we know him. Winnie, despite her controversies, challenges and tribulations, she had always remained strong and steadfast, not just for herself, but the rock for her late husband. When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned she had to stand strong despite the abuses and difficulties of poverty, harassment and infringement of her privacy, yet she became stronger. For the tremendous strength found in her and the love he received I certainly believe that she goes down as a giant of a woman.

Today she lies on a hospital bed and if she happens to say her final farewell, I believe that we as a nation of South Africa have not paid her the due respect and appreciation. How nice would it have been if Winnie on her hospital bed to read the newspaper and hear of how a nation is deeply sadden that she is unwell. Yet, ungrateful and too busy we cannot be bothered to pay tribute, or sadden of the heart to know that the once mother of our beautiful nation is unwell!

In the era Winnie lived during apartheid, women were subject to her husband.  When the feminist movement was building momentum however this was for the white women. I can only try to imagine what it must have felt like being a black woman and educated in a male chauvinistic and racist society? In Nelson Mandela’s book, “A long walk to freedom”, he mentions of Winnie’s strength and the degrading attitudes she had to endure whilst he was imprison.

I believe that the next generation will celebrate this great hero and would have loved to meet her – for this generation is too preoccupied with celebrities who are famous for no good reason yet they bypass such a high calibre, determined and loyal patriot of our country South Africa!

Mama, even if our people don’t acknowledge you, I do and say that my prayers are for your speedy recovery!



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