Is this true? …A Must Watch about Robert Mugabe!

If this is true…I may need to change my persepectives.

A Solution to South Africa’s Chaos!

In the United Kingdom we go about our business freely with no apparent fear of crime even at night. There is an efficiency of the judicial system and the predictability and probability, as opposed to a remote possibility; of paying for one’s crime is the reason behind the peace and overall stability the people enjoy.

South Africa desperately needs a truly independent and efficient judiciary. When citizens know that there is an effective and efficient court system in their country and that arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentence for the guilty is predictable, then corruption and crime in general will go down.

Those who may wish to take power through unconstitutional means would be deterred from forging ahead with their unconstitutional plans by what an independent judiciary in their country could do to them.

When the other branches of government know that courts as the guardians of the constitution will always do their job without fear, favour or prejudice, they will observe and promote the rule of law.

When it is known that a challenge to the executive’s failure to deliver on a constitutional obligation could result in an executable court order against anybody from the president to a mayor, of their own accord government functionaries and role players in business will obey the law of the land, observe business ethics and good governance will materialise.