Several KLM Staff wanted me to bribe them at OR Thambo for favours!

Several KLM employees at OR Thambo wanted me to bribe them for favours.

To those familiar with the South African hoe and pick will know that these are garden tools. The pick looks a lot like what the miners used to use for breaking-up coal. However despite the abnormality of its size and shape, I saw no problem trying to check it in on my flight from South Africa to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom to my knowledge does not have these specific tools and therefore my newfound hobby; gardening had need of these much familiar tools.

hoeSo with that as a background, you can imagine me going to the KLM check-in requesting to allow these items as part of my luggage. I began with the attendant pointing me to the luggage weight checker. She said, “You are 1kg overweight!” I was ok with that for I merely redistributed the weight to the hand luggage.

Once I had completed and satisfied the weight limits she said, “now that I helped you – what are you going to give me?” To which I responded that she should meet me by Wimpy Restaurant. I then proceeded to wrap the bag with cling-film and which cost me R40.00 each bag but he wanted R20.00 (on the side) for wrapping the pole to which I paid and proceeded to the check- in desk as a favour. Now the pole for the hoe/pick was considered to be an extra item of luggage which R1000.00 was payable. So I convinced the check-in lady that she should not charge me and to which she responded, “what would you give me, considering this favour she would need to do?” I said that she too must meet me by Wimpy.

On completing the much bribe hurdle marathon, I sprinted for the boarding gates and leaving my little bribe party at Wimpy to have a drink on me at their own expense.