Black Racist…stop killing the Afrikaners

 Not all Afrikaners are racists, and not all Zuma’s cabinet ministers are vindictive black supremacist racists. The persecution of the Afrikaners has to stop – we as humanity need to stand up for injustice without believing it our right to rob them of their existence in South Africa. The Afrikaner is a South African just as much as the tribe of the San or KhoiKhoi. Yet, the new government is failing to realise that by their slurs and disadvantages placed upon them. They grow bitter, resentful and their children are watching you as they have done to your ancestors.

In travelling the world I have not met a group of people indigenous to any specific location but South Africa whom call themselves, Afrikaners. Their identity and culture is of South Africa. They are a community of hard-working people with many who regret the abuses of the past and many who have come to embrace the “new South Africa”.  They are fun-loving and God-fearing people who are decent and is a sinner as much as the next guy!

Yet it appears that the ignorant, insensitive and destroyers of our nation want them to suffer and experience ridicule. If Madiba was still around what would he say?… Well, forget Madiba’s approval but what would God say?