They Stole my IPhone in Port Shepstone!

I had stopped at a local tearoom to buy a drink today. At the checkout I rested my phones on the counter whilst I looked through my pocket for change, I then proceeded to my next meeting. Upon arrival I looked for my IPhone but could not find it. I tried calling it using my other phone to no joy. I traced back down memory lane as to where I could have left the phone. I was uncertain as to whether I left it at the tearoom – so I rushed back thinking on the way, if I questioned the staff, “did you see a IPhone?” they would say “no” of course. So I rehearsed the following,

“Where is my IPhone? I’m giving you four minutes to hand it back as I have evidence it is within this shop – it clearly shows on my GPS.”

I arrived back at the tearoom and parked up, with positivity repeated my demand. The staff denied it – making me feel as if I was mad. I was convinced it was not at this place and that they were telling the truth. I had one last go, “give me your boss’ number I requested – pretending no longer to be interest in the phone.

I walked out and then for some reason, walked straight back in again and approached the Security Guard. He made out some story to which I could not understand. However led me to the back of the shop where he returned my lovely white IPhone.

I called their employer and said, “Sir, it’s not my business but your staff just stole my phone from the counter whilst paying for an item. If they stole from me, they are probably doing the same to you”.

He thanked me and later called to confirm that the cashier and security guard were both fired! You would ask do I feel bad? Don’t be ridiculous! I hope more thieving employees get fired; business owners work hard and sacrifice a lot to earn a living. There are more than 20% of South Africans unemployed!

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