The “Ideal” Life… does it really exist?

What if there was another world, which lies beyond your perceptions to that which goes further than your imagination or your “ideals”?

The word, “ideal” is synonyms to words like perfect, model and ultimate. We are all aspiring for the ideal lifestyle, the ideal family, the ideal job and just about everything we do we want to either do better or at least have the intention to be “ideal”.

I also hear the voices of the preacher saying that we must be content and be happy with our circumstances. Can one be truly content if they have not arrived at their idealistic goals and achievements? Is that not a conflict of selling the vision short? Are we not taught to press on towards the prize? Yet it appears that many are prepared to settle for this fatalistic philosophy. Sure, there are some mornings when I feel like I just had enough and will be content to not think of the future and its sacrifices.

We all have goals and plans for what we believe would make us happy, we all yearn to have the perfect lifestyle, family and job. When we do possess our goals, the novelty of the short-lived achievement – persuades us that we can do better and the pursuit of “ideals” begins again…strange is it not?

However in saying that some through the courage and bravery did venture into the unknown hoping there was more to life. Humanity at one point believed that the earth was flat and if one were to go to the edge that they could be endangered of falling off. Can you imagine the heart-wrenching anticipation as the sailors passed across to what was considered the end of the world (only to find another world which lies ahead)?

What if there was another world, which lies beyond your perceptions to that which goes further than your imagination or your “ideals”?