Career Politicians should be on Minimum Wage?

Sadly we are all looking at mortal men, these are no warriors, no victors or champions. These friends are mere career politicians looking for a good job and you are the employer.

Millions of people …and yet we have so few choices for a decent candidate. Good Candidates are like gold-dust, for now we seem to base our choices on the “lesser of evils.”

Is it possible that there will never be a political party or candidate to that of Napoleon, Shaka Zulu or Lord Nelson? There are few occasions in epoch we did have the hero leader, Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi who have both earned their titles for sacrifices they have paid for their people. Yet our Politicians want their payment for the promises…and what of our renegades?

Our politicians can somewhat be mythicised by the media for nothing to which can be accredited merely being famous and believing in them like they were god-sent. Recent saga is of Mr Obama- everyone loved him – not because of anything he had done, but merely for the fact that he was able to articulate or in other words, being a better salesman with promises to sell but reality shows that polls reveal he is not the Messiah we have been looking for? So everyone is on the search again?

We have become fascinated with what gives us goose bumps rather than what makes sense…No Taxes!! And everyone says, YEAH!!! But it makes no sense? Popularity and celebrity status appear to be worth more to the voters than their future. It’s as if we want to be deceived and bluffed all sorts. The Liberal Democrat leader; Nick Clegg initially focusing on students votes promising low tuition fees in fact when the Liberals did have their opportunity in power- his party caused the fees to rocket (much higher than inflation).

Sadly we are all looking at men just men, these are no warriors, no victors nor champions. These friends are mere mortals looking for a career opportunity, a good job that pays sufficiently to be creative inventors of promises and you are the employer.

Just maybe we should not try employing any of them or put them all on minimum wage? Just a thought?