Stop & Search in South Africa (ILLEGALLY)

These actions to foreigners affect our civil liberties in the long term, erode the rights to our freedoms and destroy our democracy!

How would you have reacted if your property was raided and then you were forced to prove your right to residency? What would happen if a member of your family were unable to do so? How would you feel – if they were arrested?

The Constitution clearly forbids arbitrary search and seizure of your person, your property or possessions. If you are stopped by law enforcement officials they must have a valid belief that you may have been involved in the commission of a crime and that a search warrant would be issued by a Magistrate or Judge if they wish to search you or your vehicle and/or seize your possessions not providing you with these formalities would be a violation of your rights.

Despite South Africa’s painful memories of the Dompass- you think that the officials would be sympathetic given the history on restraining one freedoms based upon their status.

Yet recent news reports mention of the increasing number foreigners in South Africa are being stopped and searched. According to reports approximately 50 people were arrested in Johannesburg for being without valid documents in the country.

The statement release by the spokesman makes no mention that these arrests of these individuals were illegally or not. They were arrested for not having been able to show their documentation.

The raids are a result of foreigners arming themselves in preparation for further violence. The legitimacy of these raids have become questionable.

These actions to foreigners affect our civil liberties, erode the rights to our freedoms and destroy our democracy!